Mr. Subash Rai

  • The future belongs to you, dear children. You have therefore, to prepare yourself for the active participation in the world you live in and to have a say in the shaping of the world. Develop yourselves, then into intelligent, well informed and responsible men and women.
  • Try to excel in whatever you do always remembering that there is scope for continuous improvement. Make the best use of the facilities that your home, your school and your country provides provide to you.
  • Inculcate in yourselves to lead a planned life and from the habit of doing the thing regularly. Don't leave any work for tomorrow.
  • Fix your hours of study at home. Do your home-assignment first carefully, revise the day's lessons and prepare yourselves for next day's lesson.
  • This habit pays you in the long run.
  • This contains other useful information also, which you should note and make proper use of. You must bring your School Diary to the school daily without fail and maintain it carefully.
            Always remember:- "Work is Worship"

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